Artistic Wedding PhotographyArtistic wedding photography of  yester-years used to involve posing awkwardly while hoping your hairstyle does not look weird 20 years later. This has all changed today because brides and grooms want to be unique and want to commemorate the moment in a special way.

At Prestige Makeover of Singapore we can make your special moment more memorable and worth remembering. Couples can express their creativity and personalities so there are a lot of options available. We want our clients to express their most artistic sides and showcase them on film to preserve for the coming years.

Our Service

Our photographers are located in Singapore and have many years of experience with taking artistic wedding photos. In our business the bride and groom groom come first. The artistic eye of our photographers will capture both the candid and special moments of your wedding day.

You will be proud and cherish your photographs forever. Our artistic wedding photo service is highly customizable. You can opt for a photojournalistic or documentary style for example. Our photographers are also ready to collaborate with you to produce your own brand of artistic.

We would like to get to know you before your wedding day. This will help us conceptualize the style of artistic photography you want for your big day. You can call our staff for information or for a quote.

We Listen

When you hire us you can be quirky, go vintage or romantic, traditional or be as wacky or unique as you want. Say good-bye to stiff wedding photographs. Decorate your mantle, work table and albums with cool photographs of your wedding day.

Share and remember this special day forever with beautiful memories of your wedding day. It is something to share with future children and grand children. Preserve your wedding days in film and make them last.

Our friendly staff is ready for your call. We are here to help immortalize your wedding.

Artistic Wedding Photography