Bengali Wedding Makeup Artist

Beautiful Bengali bride in colorful dress isolated

A Bengali wedding makeup artist is always needed to add glitter and glamour to the auspicious occasion be it from Kabin to Bou Bhat ceremony. Our wedding makeup artist creates that ambience of grandeur to the event making the wedding couple and especially the bride the queen of the day.

An exquisite experience

A Bengal wedding ceremony is exquisitely elaborate with significant rituals for the couple to undergo. Presenting the best for the occasion is a wonderful experience and to make it even more beautiful and unforgettable, our Bengali wedding makeup artist enhance that experience to make it a more joyous occasion.

  • From the turmeric ceremony or gaye holud to Mehndi our artist will make the bride up customising her to the occasion.
  • With artful eye and creative hands, our artist will beautifully create mehndi that will last in the mind of your guests forever. Indeed, all eyes are on the couple and presenting the bride in her best is the task of our makeup artist. Our artist with his/her knowledge of the Bengal custom will color the occasion giving the look suited for the ceremony.
  • With family and friends of the bride engaging in the wedding rituals, for the bride looking joyous yet elegant is very important.
  • The groom with the wedding attire of silk shawl, ‘dhoti’ and a headdress will be made more charming and handsome as a groom should be in the hands of our Bengali makeup artist.

Let our expert make you stunning

Indeed, our makeup artist is experienced and expert enough in making every Bengali bride and groom even more beautiful than ever. Make this life changing experience a momentous one for you and your family. With our expertise, we are all ready to make your day as beautiful as ever. Contact Prestige Makeover now for more detail!