Bridal Party Makeup

Bridal Party MakeupGive that bridal party makeup for family and friends of the bride for they deserve to look good too!

Indulge your family and friends

This is a service that Prestige Makeover provides to our clients and their bridal party.  Family and friends do want to add to the beauty and aura of a wedding. They want to be a part of that wonderful day and that feeling of satisfaction will be fulfilled by our wedding makeup services. We extend our expertise to the family and bridal party of the couple.

Have you ever seen a whole bridal party with a coordinated look for their dressing and maybe even matching accessories? Prestige Makeover is here to take that to a whole new level by providing you with a service that allows your loved ones to look as stunning and as glorious as the both of you. Can you imagine if both sides of the family and bridal parties look their best? It would be a wedding that would be on par with a celebrity wedding.

Rest assured that our artists are here to bring out the best in everyone. If our clients have a pre-determined look they would prefer, we will do our best to work towards it. Alternatively, we also provide customized options, much like when someone walks into a tailor shop looking to make an outfit customized just for him or her. We are here to recommend what will best suit you, your loved ones and your bridal party.

Prestige Makeover is here to provide you with only the best. Drop us a call for a non-obligatory consultation to find out more about our range of makeup services now!