Bride Groom Makeup

Bride Groom MakeupAvail our bride groom makeup services because contrary to popular belief, the groom also needs to look good and flawless on his wedding day. At Prestige Makeover of Singapore, we know how to make grooms at ease and get them ready for the big day.

  • Why Consider Makeup?

One of the reasons why men also need makeup for their wedding is to increase their self-confidence. When a person looks good, he will immediately feel less nervous and feel more confident. These traits are every important during a wedding day.

Men like women also want to look their best next to their brides on the big day. What better way to look good than to put on some discreet makeup? Our team is highly experienced with applying makeup to grooms so guests will hardly notice the difference.

With our team of experienced top makeup artists and stylists, grooms are guaranteed to look good for their wedding photos. Our artists are booked exclusively to look after you, the groom to help ensure that you will also feel special on this big day.

Our makeup artists know how important it is for men to look as natural as possible for their wedding day but at the same time cover up flaws. We know how to take care of acne, rashes, dark under eye circles and uneven skin tone.

  • Look Your Best

Grooms are important too. Therefore looking their best should also be a priority. Wedding photos and memories last a lifetime and both bride and groom should look back on this special day with happiness and pride.

Look good next to your intended by hiring our talented makeup artists. We can take care of your styling, primping and makeup needs. Our groom package is designed to take care of husbands-to-be so they too can look good and stand tall next to you.

Our wedding makeup services specialists would like to talk to you. Give them a call to arrange an appointment or for a free quote.