Catwalk Makeup Artists

Catwalk Makeup ArtistsPrestige Makeover has a team of professional catwalk makeup artists who are experienced and talented experts. They are specialized in makeup for fashion, photography and catwalks. Our goal is to make anybody feel good by looking good. Some of our artists have styled numerous models and fashion shows around the country.

Our makeup artists are highly schooled in the proper techniques of applying makeup. Many of them have trained long to become some of the best in the business. Our makeup artists undergo a rigorous apprenticeship with senior makeup artists before they are given the clearance to work by themselves.

Makeup is very important especially during professional photo shoots and events. Makeup does not only highlight beauty and striking features of models. It can also cover and conceal flaws. This is very important especially when the photos are scrutinized by the public’s very discerning eye. Catwalk makeup for example, is important because it can enhance and transform the face of a model especially under the harsh glare of the spotlights. Our professional teams of artists are highly experienced and know what to do in every situation.

How We Work

Our makeup artists for catwalk events have some of the most demanding jobs in the team. They are often booked to do the faces of catwalk models who wear beautiful clothes by well known designers. They have to create looks that suit not only the dresses being modeled but also the models themselves. In some instances our artists have to put on makeup of up to 20 models with only a limited amount of time for each person.

We use only the best cosmetics available. Our makeup brands are the best quality to suit different kinds of skin and sensitivity made especially for modeling, photography and the catwalk. Our stylists are well versed in the basic types of catwalk makeup such as glamour, fantasy, sophisticated and natural look. They can style models to suit the mood, clothing or atmosphere.

We Want To Hear From You

Our professional team of artists is available for catwalk, fashion, photography, film, wedding and other events. We can help you enhance, beautify and highlight your best features. Book an appointment today to achieve your best look for the catwalk.