Certified Makeup Artist

Certified Makeup ArtistA certified makeup artist will allay you of these fears – adverse effects your make up session gave you in the past or serious side effects after a long beauty-enhancing session at the salon. These challenges can only be surmounted by a knowledgeable and skilfull makeup artist.

Now, you no longer have to worry about how safe you are in the hands of the professional makeup artist. We work and deploy certified makeup artists who can take care of all your needs in a faultless manner. Each of our staff members is specialized in his own respective field.

We are up to date

The main area of concern for our certified makeup artist is your skin type. When you avail our service, your skin type is first detected and only then any kind of makeup is applied. We have the experience and expertise in the fields of entertainment, film, retail stores, television, theatre and D&D makeup services among others.

We believe that the basic skill required to deliver a perfect makeover is garnished over time and research. In the world of fashion, it is very important to stay up-to-date with various kinds of makeup services and trends. Keeping up with the latest norms, our makeup artists prefer the air brush makeup over the traditional makeup. This is because it gives a magical finishing touch and no direct contact with brushes and skin is made. In addition to this, our hair stylist works in close loop with the makeup artist to help you look prepossessing.

We believe that in order to make something exceptional, your mindset must be focused relentlessly on smallest details. Keeping up with this norm, our makeup artists examine the look, nature and physique of client’s skin in order to decide the kind of makeup to be applied. Color principles are also an important aspect of our makeup techniques that makes the skin look beautiful and natural.

Ours bar none

When it comes to application, our artists make sure that your skin is ready for the specific product being applied to the skin. Practicing the art of doing makeup ensures that our makeup services is second to none. Do contact us for more information.