Costume Makeup ArtistOur costume makeup artist will complete your look if you are clueless as to what to wear or how to put on the proper makeup for the costume party. It can be quite disappointing artist can remedy this problem for you.

No matter what the occasion, Prestige Makeover can deliver. We employ some of the best professional makeup artists in the industry. Makeup artists for costume can also do make up for theater, special effects, and makeup design.

Our cosmetologists are highly trained in the art of costume makeup. They have the experience, knowledge and tools that have made them in demand artists for costume, photography, film and fashion makeup.

Costume makeup takes years of training, apprenticeship, and experience. There are costumes and clients that require a lot of details and special effects. This is achieved by our artists through schooling, training, and experience.

Costume makeup takes a lot of application time.

  • Firstly, the artist and client have to design and agree on a look for a certain event or costume.
  • The actual application process can take hours depending on the complexity of the client’s requirement.

Our Commitment

We use only the finest tools and makeup available for the industry. Our cosmetics are all professional and costume grade made by the finest manufacturers from around the world. We only use the finest face creams, paint and prosthesis. This is very important for costume makeup and special effects because it requires more makeup than usual.

Our artists are trained to give you the look you want. Costume makeup is very essential, especially if you want to achieve a certain look or effect. We can do all kinds of costume makeup ranging from fantasy to horror. Our team is always ready to listen or to provide input so that our clients are happy with their costume makeup.

Makeup Completes Costume

Gone are the days when you have to rely on your own makeup skills to create the look you want. Our highly skilled and experienced makeup artists can fulfill your wildest dreams and imaginations. You can be the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, a graceful geisha, Maleficent or your favorite Anime character with the help of our talented makeup artists.

Our services are available for costume, theater, Halloween, special effects and other occasions. For whatever the occasion, our friendly team is  standing by to take your call.

Costume Makeup Artist