D&D Makeup Services

Dinner & Dance partyOur dinner and dance makeup services renders you the appearance that fulfill your makeup look for that special occasion. Women have always loved dressing up and getting ready to go out and they often enjoy the process with their friends. Dinner and dance makeup service provides them with the best care of their physical appearance and allows them to include their friends in the package as well.

We do the whole works

Dinner and dance standard package usually includes: makeup, hairdo, eyebrow trimming, false eyelashes, and service at the location of client’s choice. This is very convenient since the clients save time on going to a hair and makeup saloon. Ampoules and housecalls are charged extra, as well as cases of certain selected festive seasons. Dinner and dance makeup artists estimate the average amount of time needed for the process, so the clients can plan their day ahead.

People that book dinner and dance makeup artists are in good hands because the artists strive towards upgrading their skills, getting informed of new techniques and trends in both makeup and hairstyle worlds.

When booking dinner and dance services offers a simple hassle free process. All that one is needed to do is:

  • to specify date and time of the event,
  • type of event, location, and his or her contact number and/or email.
  • Our makeup service is then to inform its clients of the charges and extra charges. Charging dinner and dance services depends on the part of day.
  • The price ranges from being the highest in the morning, especially early morning, then it gets lower in the afternoon hours, and it is the lowest in the evening hours. The mentioned charge revolves around one person, but if more than one is booked then the price gets lower accordingly.

Book us for your D & D look

Dinner and dance makeup services provides a stress-free, relaxing, and invigorating experience. Getting dressed up and having your makeup and hair done has a therapeutic effect on people generally speaking and this is why it is so popular. To make your day complete and preserve the best memories possible, make sure to engage our professional makeup artist.