Egyptian Makeup Artist

Egyptian Makeup ArtistAncient Egyptian makeup is considered to be one of the most influential makeup looks to date. It symbolizes an era where makeup and skin care had evolved to a great extent and laid a foundation for beauty products being used for centuries. It goes without saying that only a skilled and experienced Egyptian makeup artist can pull off such a look.

If you are considering having this sensual and empowering look for Halloween, a costume party or any other social occasion, it is best that you consider our company at Prestige Makeover, staffed by highly skilled and experienced Egyptian makeup artists. Find us, and your search for a professional makeup artist will end. Prestige Makeover is a Singapore-based makeup concierge service provider, serving the needs of an eclectic clientele, ranging from professionals looking to impress at an office event to professional actors and actresses.

Varieties of Egyptian Makeup Looks

When women think of Egyptian makeup, Cleopatra immediately surfaces in their minds. At Prestige Makeover, our makeup artists can help you achieve that exact same look. Those who value realism in their costume design and makeup are always pleased to know that there is a wide range of Egyptian makeup looks that they can try out.

Egyptian Eye Makeup for Women

If you are familiar with Egyptian art, you would have undoubtedly noticed the dramatic eye makeup. The most famous look, – the Egyptian ‘cat eye’ – is done like the feline eye, and the variety lies in the way the eyeliner wings tails are designed.  This is one of our key areas of expertise at Prestige Makeover.

Egyptian Eye Makeup for Men

In its classic form, Egyptian eye makeup for men is not that different from that of women. This is evident from the pictures and paintings of the ancient Egyptian gods and pharaohs. However, our Egyptian eye makeup for men relies mainly on the dark blue or black eyeliner, without the blue or green eye shadow on the eyelids.

Things an Egyptian Makeup Artist will Need to Use

At Prestige Makeover, not only do our Egyptian makeup artists have all the necessary tools and products to use in order to give the desired look, they are going to make sure that they have all the products you may need so that you can get the look you want.

This kind of makeup will be ideal for you if you like to try something that is fierce yet fun. You can rely on the expertise and vast experience of our Egyptian makeup artists to give you an extraordinary look that will certainly make you stand out from the rest.

If you have needed an Egyptian makeup artist in Singapore, then it is time to call us at Prestige Makeover, so that we can arrange for an appointment. You can fill in the online form to schedule an appointment with us.