Event Makeup Artist

Event Makeup ArtistOur event makeup artists are certified and highly trained in different genres of makeup with many years of experience. They are available for team events or on a private basis, depending on your needs. We have a large portfolio of customers who come from different walks of life, all of whom require our expertise for different company or other social events.

Up-to-date and experienced

We specialize in different types of makeup application and by the word ‘specialize’, we mean that our artists continue with their professional education while acquiring on-the-job experience. This keeps them abreast of the latest products and makeup styles in the industry. Our artists will work for any event you have in mind such as professional looks, costume looks, stage looks and runway looks, prom looks or bridal looks among others.

If you are not sure why you should hire an event makeup artist, it may help for you to know that a makeup artist will help you to get the look you want for the event that you are looking to attend. We will help you achieve the look you want, such as the elegance and glow of a beautiful bride, rest assured that we can provide the picture perfect look for you.

Experienced makeup artists

Our event makeup artist has both the experience and the right training to recognize the potential and the unique beauty in your face and to adjust their techniques accordingly to suit the unique features of your face.

When you are at a loss of how to do your own makeup, our event makeup artist will provide you with the expert opinion about what to do according to the demands and desired thematic effect. Our artists specialize in beauty and makeup consultation, makeup lessons, eyebrow sculpting, eyelash application, conventional makeup application and airbrush makeup applications.

We offer affordable service

People may choose to do their own makeup for different reasons and one of them is that they may think that makeup artists may be overpriced. This is not the case at Prestige Makeover since our services are valued according to the expertise as well as the amount of energy, time and expertise we put in the services we offer you. Rest assured that our artists are fully trained and qualified to create the look that you deserve

Our makeup artists are always ready to answer the questions that you may be having so you can always ask for anything you require further assistance.

Whenever you need a makeup artist in Singapore, then the right company to call is Prestige Makeover. You can also contact us through our online form.