Fantasy Makeup Artists

Fantasy Makeup ArtistA Fantasy makeup artist will help you look the part. In event such as Halloween, it is the first occasion that comes to the minds of many whenever they think of fantasy makeup. Well, it turns out that there are various other occasions when you might need a fantasy makeup artist to help you look the part. In fact, fantasy makeup can be worn on any event or holiday. Valentines Day for example, can be celebrated with pink and red hearts dotting the lovely faces, while the 4th of July can be commemorated by painting red, white and blue colors on the cheeks.

Does this sound like something you would want to do? If so, you need to hear about Prestige Makeover. We are top of our league when it comes to makeup applications, including creating fantasy makeup looks. We not only use makeup to enhance your look, but we also use it to transform you into anything that you can think of. With our highly skilled fantasy makeup artist, you will get to see that fantasy makeup isn’t about blending in, but it’s all about standing out!

Appropriate Age for Fantasy Makeup

While face painting is more common with children during parties and fairs, fantasy makeup can suit both kids and grown-ups. This means that this kind of makeup is appropriate for all ages. It’s the kind of makeup that helps the wearers to pretend to be anything they wish to be, whether it’s an animal, mermaid, insect or witch. You don’t necessarily need to be character either, as you can ask our diligent fantasy makeup artist to paint your face in a freeform style as he or she would for a picture.

Popular Fantasy Makeup Looks

There are different types of looks that our fantasy makeup artist help people with different preferences achieve. They include:

  • Fairy makeup – This is a look that brings back old memories of enchanted childhoods.
  • Vampire makeup – This is such a hot and dramatic look that’s sure to take anyone’s breath away. It can be used solely, or it can be combined with Gothic style for a more romantic version.
  • Gothic makeup – If you are hoping for an edgy style that offers lots of creative opportunities, you should go Gothic. It’s a look that can be easily transformed into a vampire look instantly.
  • Halloween makeup – Probably the most common of fantasy makeup applications. To create this look, we put in more attention to the eyes.

Where to draw inspiration when using fantasy makeup

The good thing about creating a look with fantasy makeup is that you can draw inspiration from anywhere. You can start by choosing color combinations that are around you. You can take clues from nature in order for you to come up with colorful designs. For you to create stunning designs and looks, you can also go for vivid colors as they are the ones that make people to glance twice.

It might seem a bit intimidating to you, especially if you are a makeup newbie, but this is when an exceptional fantasy makeup artist can help you achieve the look that you are looking for without so much effort. We take great pride for having diligent experts who help our customers achieve their preferred looks every time they procure our makeup services.

It is time to contact us at Prestige Makeover agency in Singapore by calling or filling online form for your next appointment with our fantasy makeup artist.