Fashion Makeup Artist

Fashion Makeup ArtistFashion makeup artists have some of the most demanding jobs in the industry. Not only does the model have to look perfect during the first photo but all throughout the photo shoot.

Prestige Makeover has highly trained and experienced makeup artists for just about any makeup needs. We have experienced fashion makeup artists, makeup for photoshoot, runway makeup artistcatwalk makeup artistmovie makeup artist and entertainment makeup artists.


Our Job

During a typical fashion shoot, our team of cosmetologists is in charge of doing the makeup of all the models. They also do the touch-ups and any changes needed for the models look for the different dresses and costumes they have to put on. In some cases, makeup artists only have 20 minutes to do the makeup of every model in the shoot. This highly demanding job skill can only be attained with proper training and years of experience.

Developing the right makeup skills for the fashion industry is very important and at Prestige Makeover we are proud to say that our makeup artists’ talents are tried and tested. Clients can rely on us when they want fashion makeup done the right way.

What Is Fashion Makeup?

Generally speaking, fashion makeup is all about making models beautiful for the runway or photo shoot. However, this is not just about making models look beautiful. It is also about knowing what kind of makeup looks good with the clothing and accessories. This kind of discerning eye takes years to develop and we are proud to say that experience and skill is on our side.

We offer our services to different kinds of fashion photo shoot such as magazines, runway and catwalk or advertising purposes. We can also do makeup for fantasy fashion shoots.

Our makeup artists are always available for discussion and input on how clients want the way their models to look. We always pride ourselves in providing the best possible service for any event.

We are ready for your queries. Give our staff a call for a free quote or to book a schedule.