Freelance Wedding Makeup Artist

Freelance Bridal Makeup ArtistFreelance wedding makeup artists are very creative in delivering what their clients want. As they are not tied to any company or branding, they are able to explore more different makeup looks and are not obligated to stick to a particular style dictated by their company.

Prestige Makeover represents some freelance bridal makeup artists to complement our existing full time makeup artist team. As our freelance artists are not tied down to any one company, there are able to gather experience from all types of makeup projects, from Halloween, dinner and dance to personal events like birthdays. Their portfolio greatly adds value to what we can present to our clients.

Some clients may hesitate to engage a freelance artist as they may not be registered with a company, and clients may be afraid they are not trustworthy. However, all of Prestige Makeover’s freelance artists have been screened and have a good track record, so you can rest assured that our artists are professional and reliable.

If you would like to engage a freelance bridal makeup artist through Prestige Makeover, contact us now to find out more!