Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Gold Coast Wedding PhotographyGold Coast wedding photography is in high demand, and no wonder – with its beautiful sandy beaches and sparkling blue waters, lots of wedding couples think it’s the best backdrop for their love story!

Our team at Prestige Makeover can help you make your Gold Coast dream come true. Our professional hair and makeup artists and photographers will travel with you to Gold Coast and accompany you every minute during your photo shoot session at stunning Gold Coast.

As an outdoor shoot location, you may be concerned that your makeup might be ruined by the elements of the sun, sand and see. Let our expert makeup artists set your mind at ease with their waterproof makeup, and regular touch-ups to ensure that every shot has you looking your very best. Our dedicated artists will also double up as photo shoot assistants, helping you with changing your attire or moving around from one location to another.

The photographers at Prestige Makeover are also creative and responsive to your needs. Let them know what types of shots you desire, or leave it to their expert opinion to suggest the best angles for you and your significant other.

Take one step closer to your Gold Coast wedding photography fantasy by contacting Prestige Makeover now!