Indian Bridal Nail Art

Indian Bridal Nail Art Indian bridal nail art usually has a touch of red and is typically adorned with intricate patterns. At Prestige Makeover in Singapore we can take care of your bridal nail art needs. Our expert technicians will ensure that this special day in a woman’s life is perfect and unique.

  • Specialized Nail Art

Aside from Indian nail art our technicians can also offer traditional and special designs. Collaboration with our nail technicians is also possible to create a special design for your wedding day. Our technicians can use glitters, strips, threads, crystals and henna to make designs especially for you.

Our highly trained nail technicians can ensure that there is a good balance between color and accessories for your chosen nail art. They can also make sure that your nail art matches the theme of your wedding, the gown and also the makeup.

Special designs can be created for an Indian wedding. Indian brides are well known to do anything to look fabulous. Getting a unique nail art for the wedding is one of them. We can design nail art that looks like intricate embroidery, include bright colors like orange and red and yellow and apply glittering Swarovski crystals. We can also create beautiful henna designs.

  • Feel Extra Special

Young Indian brides can also exude sophistication and confidence with the help of our nail art expertise. Pink and pastels are some of the most popular shades among the younger set and we have many youthful designs to choose from.

We pride ourselves in only using the best nail care products, color and accessories for our nail spa services. Aside from this we also stock stickers, different colored rhinestones, templates and the best nail polish in the market.

Two of the most important traits that our nail technicians have are creativity and talent. This is what enables our technicians to create nail art worthy of an Indian wedding celebration.

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