Korean Eyebrow Embroidery

Korean Eyebrow EmbroideryKorean eyebrow embroidery is known to be a special art and it needs delicate skills with the patience in order to achieve natural and beautiful results. It needs many years of dedication in order to master the delicate art of perfection.

We are known because of our expertise when it comes to the services we offer to our customers. We have experience in creating natural looking eyebrow and many people are happy with the services that we offer.

We use safe ingredients

The ingredients of the dye we use are from natural resource and they have been approved by the HSA which means that the client will not suffer any side effect. Since we care too much about the well being of our clients, when the embroidery work has been finished, the client gets the instruction on how to take care of its embroidered brows. We offer free unlimited touchup service according to the package you have chosen. The service is not permanent and without the retouch, it can last only 3 years. After such period, the natural color may fade completely and you may choose having a complete new shape, designed eyebrow and color. For all humans, the skins shed and it regenerates the new skin cells and this is why the eyebrow embroidery coloring can fade in natural way. It is the normal process of shedding off the old skin to reproduce the new baby skin. This is why we recommend that you do the touch up for 10 to 12 months so that you can maintain the newly shaped eyebrow.

Korean eyebrow embroidery for men

We do not only do the Korean eyebrow embroidery for women but we also do it for men. If you feel like you are being pushed around and that you look weak, the people may tend to brush you to be aside or to treat you as if you are not visible. There is the solution that you can go for so that you may look stronger or seriously when you are at work and this is to have darker, bolder and thicker eyebrows. This is going to make you to be powerful and to have a strong first impression. Most of the powerful men have bushy, dark and thick eyebrows. This enhances the authority and the credibility of the men. The attractive and powerful men look manly because of the dark eyebrows. The pair of the bold eyebrows may help you in focusing attention to the eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul so the bold eyebrow is going to help in focusing the attention to the eyes. The procedure is also for the men who had suffered uneven eyebrows, scars and cuts and they may help to get the eyebrow fixed. The Chinese also do believe that the men that have sparse eyebrow may have the fortune falling with the hairs. To be able to maintain the fortune and the wealth, you may have to fill up bald patches at the brows.

At Prestige Makeover, we have helped a number of the celebrities, bankers, men professions, doctors and models to achieve the results they want.

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