Makeup Artist Job – Join Us Now!

Makeup Artist Job – Join Us Now!

Prestige Makeover invites you

A makeup artist job entails working on television, film, theatre, fashion shows, photoshoots, weddings and special occasions. You may be a freelancer or a fully committed artist and you wish to extend your portfolio in fashion, hairdressing, beauty, cosmetics, fashion art or other makeup services. Look no further because we provide that platform for you at our makeup artist agency.

Delight customers with your artistic skills

An artist’s job in essence is enhancing beauty – inner and outer beauty.  Whether it is face, costume, lighting, hair and the likes, the job is an exciting one. To be beautiful in the world, in every sense of the word, is a general belief in every gender, race or religion. A makeup artist has that ability to bring that out in everyone. The job in itself is very rewarding and being able to fulfill the client’s needs is a great feat. Our team share the same axiom in life.

Leverage on us

We know you are a high calibre makeup artist. We would like to invite you for a mutual collaboration. Indeed, as a makeup artist, you want to share your experiences and skills with a wider audience. We make that happen by you leveraging on us. Widen your circumference of popularity through us. You will be able to:

  • Extend your makeup expertise by providing your services
  • Let your customers experience your artistic work.
  • Enhance your artistic portfolio

Our pool of dedicated and service-oriented team will be ready to work with you because we believe in the artistic work of a makeup artist and how that can delight our customers.

Drop us a line or email us to join the Prestige Makeover team.