Makeup For Photoshoot

Makeup Artist: Leah Lim / Photographer: Joshua Sim (The Beautiful Moment Photography)Having makeup for photoshoot applied by an expert is vital to ensure the results are an incredible reflection of your best self when you’re having your picture taken.

Photographs capture a moment to remember

Behind every successful picture is a highly sought-after artist. After you’ve booked your photographer and chosen your best outfit, a professional makeup artist will be able to choose colours for your eyes, cheeks, and lips that complement your hair and skin perfectly, so you know you’ll look amazing.

There are many reasons to get your makeup done professionally:

  • You’ll have a consultation with a skilled makeup artist to choose the best makeup styles to suit your individual image.
  • While ordinary makeup can appear too pale or shiny in photographs, with an expert’s help you’ll look radiant and your skin will appear immaculate.
  • Your makeup will be applied expertly, with high-quality cosmetics, chosen to make you look like extra glamorous on camera.
  • The eyes are the focal point in most portraits, and an expert can make sure that your makeup really defines the eyes, making then larger and more beautiful.
  • Whether it’s indoors or in natural light outside, if you want to look naturally attractive in any environment, it’s better to go with a pro.
  • Professional blending is key to a perfect look in photographs and to keep you looking like a Superstar all day long.

A skilled makeup artist is going to enhance your features, so whether you need a family portrait taken or you want a simple photo for use in business, book an appointment for a Prestige Makeover and be confident you’ll be photoshoot-ready!