Malay Makeup Artist

Malay Makeup ArtistOur malay makeup artist emphasises your exotic beauty giving you that stunning look all the time. Your beguiling beauty shall stay in the mind of those around you if you put your trust in our Malay makeup artist. Not being of the race is not a problem too if you desire to have that Malay makeup look. Our artist knows how to give you that fetching look for he/she has the requisite knowledge and skills to do so.

The Malay beauty

It is common knowledge that for any makeup to be done, skin knowledge is very important. Our Malay makeup artist knows how to set the makeup on skin tone that varies from fair to a deeper skin shades. With varying skin tone, a more customised application of the foundation and powder are needed to complement specific needs. Our Malay makeup artist also knows how to give those eyes a more prominent look, enhancing them with eyeliners and eyeshadows giving one a sultry look. Cheekbones will be given a more distinctive touch by our artist who knows how to turn a natural beauty into a stunning one. In all these processes, our makeup artist uses premium beauty products thus ensuring quality results. Couple with skilful hands, excellent makeup and beauty knowledge, the end result is always a captivating one.

We render you with our best

Our Malay makeup artist is knows what it takes to turn you into that Malay beauty. Even if you are not of the race and wishes to have that makeup style and approach, our artist is all ready to serve. We will take note of  Give yourself this opportunity to look striking and let us make you irresistible!