Malay Wedding Makeup Artist

Malay Wedding Makeup ArtistThe tradition of a Malay wedding requires the bride and groom to look like the Raja and Permaisuri of the day. Our malay wedding makeup artist is always available to provide that service for you. With our years of experiences and knowledge, we will transform the bride into the most beautiful ever bride of the day with her elaborate wedding dress complete with ‘inai di jari’. The groom shall look handsome with his head dress and groom attired to impress.

Special occasion for the Raja Sehari

In a malay wedding, the bride shall be dressed beautifully for every stage of the occasion from akad nikah to bersanding. In each and every stage of the wedding, our malay wedding makeup artist is vital in bringing out that beauty in the bride. Indeed, the splendour of the bersanding will be made more stunning by having the bride dressed in her bersanding costume and made up by our artist elegantly for all to appreciate. Our wedding makeup artist knows the intricacies of a malay wedding and what it entails. The detail dressing and makeup for the bride in the berinai, the exquisite look the bride and groom should have during the akad nikah and the grandeur look for that bersanding are all important for the bride and groom to have. Let us be the privilege one to make that all important day for you a memorable one.

Let us make your day a beautiful one

Our malay wedding makeup artist is knowledgeable and with expertise applied, you will feel like the best and at the same time at ease. Let us fulfil that dream of yours to look the best on your special day. We will do our utmost to make that dream of yours come true. Contact us now for detail or simple call us!