Marilyn Monroe Makeup Artist

Marilyn Monroe Makeup ArtistThe look of Marilyn Monroe has been mimicked by almost every celeb who is interested in drawing a beauty mark. There are many reasons why women may consider having the look of Marylyn Monroe and this includes style, beauty and Charisma. When it comes to creating different styles that mimic this great icon, even a skilled Marilyn Monroe makeup artist will need to have the right techniques to pull them off.

Which occasions can you attend with Marilyn Monroe makeup?

The Marilyn Monroe makeup is appropriate for a wide range of events, parties and occasions. Whether you are preparing to attend a themed party or an evening out, our Marilyn Monroe makeup artist will help you a great deal in giving you a look that will make you easily stand out of the rest.

We use the right makeup

At Prestige Makeover, we understand your expectations when it comes to recreating this glamorous Hollywood celebrity of all time. Our artist uses the latest highlighting and contouring technique to achieve the exact sculpture and shape as well as the radiant and luminous complexion which is one of the characteristics of Marilyn.

Artists can work on any face type

When it comes to the Marilyn Monroe makeup artist, there are many reasons why we are the best. Our makeup artists have a high level of skills for everything they do, including how they use the brush or sponge. They are able to assess the skin types to learn about the skin sensitivity, conditions and coloring for our clients. In this way, they may determine the colors and the makeup that they have to use. Learning about the color principles is something intricate and it can take into account the undertone colors, skin colors, ethnicity and race. Our makeup artists study the bone of the clients’ structure in order to decide how to apply and where to apply the makeup in order to achieve the results the client wants.

We do makeup for different events

Our Marilyn Monroe makeup artists have the knowledge required to prepare the skin before they start to apply the makeup, by cleaning, toning and moisturizing technique for different types of the skins. They deal with the foundation, brow liner, eye and blush liner with the right lip color to achieve the Marilyn Monroe makeup look you wish to get. They are going to go beyond the basic in order to learn how they should apply the makeup for high fashion runways looks, low light and bright light, theatrical production with outdoor and indoor events. We will be always with you when it comes to get the look you want for the on-camera talent, photo shoots in different lighting or for both outdoor and indoor stage performers.

At Prestige Makeover, we only hire qualified and trained makeup artists. However, there are also more skills that they acquire on-the-job by getting the right experience.

If you desire to hire a makeup artist for any event you want, do contact us at Prestige Makeover. Feel free to call us anytime, or you can fill the available online form and we will have our operator to talk to you soon.