Movie Makeup Artists

Movie Makeup ArtistsMovie makeup artists are talents that specialize in applying makeup for actors. Our artists can work on set or where they are needed. Movie makeup helps actors get in-character easily.

Prestige Makeover artists are highly trained in character makeup, special effects, and prosthetics. We are not limited to makeup application. Some roles will need wigs, prosthetics, and special effects. Good makeup artists are in high demand and our artists can help transform actors into the characters they have to play.

What Is Involved In Movie Makeup?

In most movie production cases, makeup artists are assigned a specific actor to work with. In movies, continuity is important so our artists will take notes and photos to ensure that that the actor is made-up exactly as he was before. Application can be a time-consuming process and require high levels of competence and commitment from the artist.

We only employ makeup technicians have years of training and experience. This is because movie makeup covers a large field including creature makeup, full body makeup, and fantasy makeup just to name a few. These kinds of makeup artists also have a bigger responsibility compared to regular makeup artists since they are allowed to apply makeup on actors.

Our Standard

Our artists are highly professional and provide only the highest levels of makeup skills required by the production team and actors. Aside from special effects, we can also do hair and makeup design and prosthetic application. Our artists have worked on different kinds of movies ranging from comedy to horror.

Our cosmetologists know how to make actors look good, old, hideous or somebody else. They are highly trained and skilled in movie makeup and have worked with talented production crews and actors in Singapore. We can work under pressure in movie sets or trailers.

We pride ourselves in employing creative, hard working and flexible artists with great communication skills. Give us a call and our friendly staff can advise you on the best type of makeup artist you need for your next movie.