Party Makeup Artist

Joyful Asian girl at a party, her friends in the background

Thought of engaging a party makeup artist before you paint the town red? The moment you’ve found the best party dress, sassy shoes to go along with it and the accompanying purse there’s just one thing still left to come up with: the perfect party hair and makeup look to go with it.

Every chic party girl wants that party makeup look to be long lasting. You don’t wish to spend the whole night sneaking to the restroom to redo your eyeliner or needing to do a lipstick check whenever somebody points a camera at you, right? Which goes for our hair too –  there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than wasting the best part of the night with your hair in rollers, or perhaps in distressing proximity to a set of hair tongs just for those waves you’ve so meticulously created to drop flat and lifeless in an hour of you leaving your house.

If you are searching for ideas for that smoky eye, the perfect red pouty lip, that sweat-proof base powder or doing a hairstyle that’s going to pull through the party  as long as you do, our party makeup artist has all of your must-have party makeup looks covered. Our makeup ideas are fresh, distinctive and attractive. So there’s generally zero possibility of you rocking exactly the same hair and makeup look as another woman on the party.

Our party hair and makeup experts are here to assist you and keep your experience a memorable one – wedding events, photo shoots or any event where you desire to look and feel you’re very best. So don’t wait any longer, call us now!