Popular Makeup Artist

Popular makeupAt Prestige Makeover, we cater to the full suite of professional hair and makeup services as well as all kinds of makeover services. We also curated some of the trendiest and most popular makeup artist services and have upgraded our service scope to cater to the needs of the new age woman.

We provide mother makeover services for the discerning daughter who wishes to give her mother the gift to feel young and beautiful again with the makeover of her life. We also offer mother and daughter makeover to celebrate the inseparable bond between them. Opt for our traveling makeup artist services of you fancy going abroad and wishes to wish to look your best on that dream trip, or a local mobile makeup artist to serve your needs onsite . Makeup for photoshoot is often underestimated, but it is the deal breaker when it comes to capturing the innate beauty of that moment.

Try out our hottest airbrush makeup artist services if you are up for it, if not you could go for the more mellow natural makeup. Go for a personal makeup artist should you wish to seek our services for your own makeup needs. Last but not least, we also provide a range of international makeup artists from the likes of Arabic, Asian, Bangladeshi to Korean, Malay, Muslim or Pakistani.

By popular request, we also provide the following additional services to enhance your beauty. Rest assured that there is always something for everybody:

From being in contact with our customer care professionals to the final strut on your event grounds, we strive to look into every detail to meet your requirements and provide you with the service you can trust. Our team of professional makeup artists takes pride in understanding the hopes, dreams and even the fears of the modern day woman and deeply understands the importance of revealing the beauty in women that transcends makeup.

As one of the leading professional makeup artist companies in Singapore, our satisfaction comes from seeing the joyous smiles during that important event in your life and knowing that we were a part of the fairy tale.