Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre Wedding PhotoshootAs part of our services, we offer pre-wedding photo shoot so that you can have many special mementos of your wedding celebration. Prestige Makeovers does not only have your back when it comes to the perfect bridal look but in the photography department as well.

Located in the heart of Singapore, our photographers have years of experience handling wedding photo shoots. We can suggest locations for you and arrange the photo shoot at your most convenient time. Photo shoots are excellent ways of preserving memories so that you can look back on your special day with happiness.

  • Preserving Memories

One of the best reasons to consider a pre-wedding shoot is that more couples are relaxed months before the actual big day. It is easier for photographers to capture tender moments, lighthearted situations and the excitement at sharing a new adventure.

In many Asian cultures, having a pre-wedding photo shoot is even more important than having an engagement party. This is because photographs last longer and makes it easier to recall happy memories.

Remember and commemorate your happy moments with us. We can arrange photo shoots in different parts of the city. Our portfolio has great examples and ideas for an awesome pre-wedding photo session. We can also collaborate to create unique settings and pictures.

  • Experience & Expertise

Our photographers are some of the best the city has to offer. We also have packages designed for busy brides and couples. We can print the photos you love and arrange them to you for a fabulous pre-wedding photo album.

Photographs are times frozen in a piece of paper. Do not let your special moment pass without preserving some of the most important moments of your pre-wedding and wedding day. Our photographers are available for shoots around the city or inside a studio.

At Prestige Makeover you can rely on our photographers to produce a great set of pre-wedding photos. We are available for your pre-nuptial and wedding needs.

Call our staff to learn which packages will work best for you.