Prosthetic Makeup Artist

Prosthetic Makeup ArtistProsthetic makeup artists work on movies, theater, live events and even runway. Our artists use prosthetic sculpting, molding and casting techniques so that actors become the characters they play.

Prestige Makeover artists have trained for years and have numerous experiences in creating prosthetic makeup. Makeup artists specializing in prosthetic application usually have more schooling and experience compared to conventional makeup artists.

Prosthetic Makeup Basic

The process starts with lifecasting where makeup artists make a mold or cast of a body part (usually face) to make the prosthetic. Coloring, makeup and special effects are then added to the prosthetic before it is fitted to the actor. This entire process takes skill, experience and high levels of professionalism.

Our Commitment

Our talented prosthetic artists have worked with production crews and various actors from around Singapore. Our staff does not only do prosthetic makeup but can also design and maintain them for the duration of their use.

Prosthetic make up does not only involve creating the prop and applying it. It also involves working with actors and consulting with directors and the costume design team. Together we analyze the script, break it down and decide what kinds of prosthetics are needed. If needed our artists can also do research and design in order to create the right prosthetic for the role.

Our artists are versatile and can work from home, in our location or at the movie set or production area. We can create prosthetic pieces like scars and facial parts. In some cases where creating and applying the prosthetic takes a long time, our artists has a team of assistants to make the job a bit faster and easier for everybody.

Aside from prosthetic making, our artists have experience in model making, special effects makeup and creature creation.

Call our staff for all your prosthetic makeup needs. We can give free quotes or answer your queries. Our friendly operators are standing by.