Runway Makeup Artists

Runway Makeup ArtistsOur runway makeup artists are experts when it comes to beauty trends and can work hard even under pressure. We make sure that all your runway models are properly made-up and are ready to take the stage.

Prestige Makeover makeup artists specialize in runway makeup for fashion events. As we all know makeup can highlight the clothes models wear on the runway. Makeup can help enhance features, conceal flaws and highlight the clothes being modeled.

Grace Under Pressure

Applying runway makeup for a group of models during a show is serious business. Not only do artists have a short time to work on each model, they also have to maintain and do numerous touchups all throughout the show. Our veteran makeup artists have years of experience in the runway and work backstage to make sure that models look fresh.

Runway makeup is different from conventional makeup firstly because of the lights used in the runway. These bright lights can make faces look stark and pale without proper makeup application. Our expert makeup artists can take care of this for you. Your models will look professionally put together in different kinds of lighting.

How We Work

During the consultation stage of the event, our makeup artists will consult with designers and the production crew to find out what kinds of makeup work best during the event. After the consultation, makeup artists can design and decide what type of makeup looks good with the theme and clothing to be worn. The consultation and design stage helps to ensure that everybody including the production crew is on board with the styling of the models.

We can do different kinds of makeup for runway. Some common runway looks include glamour, character and fantasy makeup. We have worked with professional models, hair stylists and other runway artists in Singapore.

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service at all times. Our makeup artists have proper training and use the best makeup brands available.

We provide catwalk makeup artists and fashion makeup artists as well. Call our office for queries and bookings today.