Stage Makeup Artist

Stage Makeup ArtistLooking for a stage makeup artist based in Singapore? Prestige Makeover is where you need to check in! With our range of entertainment business related services like movie makeup artist and fashion makeup artists, we we are Singapore’s finest as far as stage makeup services are concerned. When trying to look your absolute best, having makeup is just half the battle won. You need someone who has the eye, hand and brain of a makeup expert.

Our make up artists are no ordinary people. They are true professionals who take their work very seriously. Given a chance, they’ll highlight and lift your entire aesthetic, which will ultimately earn you a decent amount of nods and cheers from the audience. Good news to all drama kings and beauty queens as Prestige Makeover is now available to provide the perfect makeup services that you need.

Why Us

In the duration that Prestige Makeover has been in operation, we have amassed a huge number of customers who have stuck to us through the years. Well, it’s not surprising to witness this kind of devotion considering the amazing packages we have on offer. Here are some of the reasons why people looking for stage makeup services come back to us time and again:

  • Comprehensive range of makeup styles

At Prestige Makeover, we offer a wide range of makeup styles to cater for every desire. From simple to dramatic elegant looks, our professional makeup artist team can transform your look and make it exciting and unforgettable. We are also very versatile in the sense that we can craft looks for different stages, i.e. for fashion shows, make-over shoots, beauty pageants and stage productions, etc. Our team of makeup experts will help you to choose from a dozen makeup looks to suit your personality for any event or occasion you are gracing with your presence.

  • Use of high quality makeup products

You not only need to look good during your stage performance, but you also want to maintain your flawless skin even after the curtains fall down, right? We believe in looks that last, not temporary beauty. This is why we always make use of high quality facial and makeup products to ensure that your skin will not be negatively affected. Our makeup artists will consider your skin type, tone, etc, to ensure that the products used will be ideal for you.

  • Qualified and experienced artists

Our dedicated team comprises of highly qualified and experienced makeup artists that ensure that our esteemed customers receive the very best kind of treatment. Our experts also keep themselves abreast with the latest trends and products in the industry to ensure that clients look the best.  We use only the products that have been proved to be safe for your skin and we will never use something that can harm you in any way.

You do not have to worry when it comes to getting the best stage makeup artist. This is because the Prestige Makeover is just a call away. You can also fill out an online form if you want to book for your appointment or consultation with our makeup artist.