Theater Makeup Artist

Theater Makeup Artist Theater makeup artists are masters in their craft – not only do they have to ensure that theater actors look good, they need to make certain that the makeup does not melt under hot stage lights or fade with the actors’ perspiration.

Prestige Makeover’s theatre makeup artists are able to let you bring your theater production to life with our professional makeup experts and their industry experience. Whatever characters your theater show features, our artists will be able to draw out their personalities with their deft hands and makeup techniques. Our industry-grade cosmetics and makeup palettes are able to withstand smudging and perspiration so that the show can go on without endless touch-ups.

Before every theater show, it is usually a stressful time for the director, crew and actors to get ready and ensure that the next production will be the best one yet. Relieve some of the pressure by engaging our theatrical makeup artists, who can work quickly, independently and smoothly to prepare each actor for their moment of glory.

Whether you require a regular theater makeup artist for the entire run of your production, or you need a last-minute replacement for your usual makeup artist, contact Prestige Makeover now to get the best makeup professional for your needs!