Traveling Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist: Leah Lim / Photographer: Joshua Sim (The Beautiful Moment Photography)If you are looking for a traveling makeup artist for your overseas wedding photoshoot or event makeup artist, look no further than Prestige Makeover. With a pool of talented professional hair and makeup artists, we are able to match you with a suitable professional to beautify you or your clients on your overseas event.

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a local makeup artist to accompany you to a foreign country. Firstly, someone you have worked with in Singapore would be more familiar with your skin condition and makeup preferences, compared to a makeup artist whom you might meet for the first time during your event. If the foreign artist is somehow unfamiliar with your skin condition or does not have the suitable makeup products or cosmetics, you could risk having mismatched makeup at best, or a skin breakout at worst. With a traveling makeup artist, you are able to arrange for a trial makeup session in Singapore before you even step on board your plane.

Secondly, a local artist you have met before will allow you to be more relaxed, which is crucial when you will be involved in a stressful or demanding event. A foreign service provider will likely only be able to meet you briefly before your event, or even during the makeup session itself. If you have built rapport with your traveling makeup artist in Singapore, your artist will know what he or she needs to do to allow you to be comfortable during the makeup session.

Thirdly, a foreign makeup artist may not be able to speak your language, whereas a local makeup expert will be able to communicate with you more effectively to understand your wishes and preferences. This is important, as sometimes you may change your mind about the makeup styles you want for your event. Effective and clear communication is key to allow you to achieve the look you desire and turn heads at your event.

Do drop Prestige Makeover an enquiry if you are looking for a traveling makeup artist for your next overseas event!