TV Makeup Artists

TV Makeup ArtistsAt Prestige Makeover, we have the one of best makeup artists in Singapore. You do not have to think that TV makeup is designed to make people look better while in film or TV, no. Sometimes the makeup is meant to make the people look as normal as they can be. The reason for this is the fact that the film and the television can introduce some undesirable features and skin tones that someone did not have before.

Basic makeup

Our TV makeup artist works on the makeup of the face or even the entire body when it is required regardless of whether someone will be on camera for a short or long time. The normal skin has a certain level of oil that may go unnoticed if it is viewed in the close-up photos. The shine may be exaggerated with the personal and studio lights. In this case, our makeup artists will use the face powder that will match your skin tone. To apply the basic makeup, the skin has to be cleaned using mild soap and cleansing of the cream before using foundation or makeup base.

Lighting consideration

To apply the TV makeup, the artist should consider the light that will be used in the TV setup. Even when the cameras have color balance, the fluorescent lighting, incandescent and sunlight lighting is going to affect the subject matter in many ways. This is why the makeup mirrors should be adjusted to every type of the light.

Our TV makeup artists are well-versed in working on the corrective makeup procedure and it is important when it comes to playing down facial features which are not needed while emphasizing on the positive features by highlighting or contouring them.

Character makeup

Our TV makeup artists are also expert when it comes to the character makeup. The character makeup includes many things like subjecting and adding some years on a certain character. Even if this type of makeup may not have regular use in the current TV shows, you should not worry if you need it since there is always a makeup artist at Prestige Makeover in Singapore who can do it for you. By using only few prostheses and makeup, a young man can look as old as he wants.

Whenever you need a TV makeup artist, do not worry about it, just take your phone and contact us at Prestige Makeover or go online and fill out a contact form.