Vintage Makeup Artist

Vintage Makeup ArtistGo back in time with our vintage makeup artist. Whether you’re looking at achieving the vintage-bridal look, or to look your best in a vintage-themed party, you’ll need a glamour connoisseur who specializes in vintage styling. Our professional makeup artist with the relevant skills are here to get you just that. One of the most crucial elements that will help you look the part is your makeup. It has to be done spectacularly in order to complement your vintage clothing and hairstyle. This is where we come in! You can think of us as true professionals when it comes to everything makeup – from vintage styles to modern styles, we do them all and with perfection with our best hair and makeup artists.

While there are many makeup artists out there, you will not need just any specialist, but you’ll need the very best that there is? What should you look for? Well, there are a number of aspects that you must look into before parting with your hard-earned cash. They include:

Sufficiency in skills and knowledge

Firstly, our make up artists come with a set of skills that set them apart from the pack. This means that they have extensive knowledge of all makeup products and materials that are necessary to ensure your skin’s protection. They are also aware of various application tips that help them create a variety of vintage looks. In other words, you can find a good makeup artist who’s creative, artistic, and has a variety of products and ideas to experiment on.

Certification and verification

Anyone can hold the lipstick and apply it on the lips, including you. But if you have decided to pay someone to do it right, is it really fair to give your hard-earned cash to a quack? If you want to look like a goddess from the 50s rather than a doll, then the makeup artist must convince you to having more than just a good eye for color.

So, you have to ask yourself this question – does the make up artist you intend to hire possess any certifications that indicate his/her qualifications? If not, don’t write that cheque just yet. Try our vintage makeup artist who’s certified as prove of having undergone the necessary training that is relevant in this industry.

Vast experience

The more experienced a vintage makeup artist is, the higher the probability that you will be pleased with the end results. Therefore, it will be advantageous to you if you find a professional who has extensive experience in creating vintage looks for corporate and private events, weddings, photo shoots, weddings, film sets, re-enactments, etc. Our makeup artists have worked on a wide range of clients, which puts them in a good position to understand your specific needs and fulfill them.

If you are looking for a vintage makeup artist with a difference, then you will need to consider those aspects just before you swipe your credit card. A good makeup specialist will help you to get an authentic vintage style that you need without compromising your look or endangering your skin.

The important question here is -do we fit that description? The answer is YES! We pride ourselves for having sufficiently skilled and knowledgeable makeup vintage artists that this industry has to offer. In addition to that, our artists are certified and are quite experienced in offering this service. You can rest assured that all the products that we use have been tested and proved to be of the highest quality. That (among other things) is what keeps us on the competitive edge!