Vintage Wedding Makeup

Vintage Wedding MakeupVintage wedding makeup will look good today and in the future for many brides on their big day. The simple elegant looks donned by women during the 20’s to the 70’s are some of the most glamorous and classic looks is why makeup artists who are able to emulate this look are highly sought after. Luckily, Prestige Makeover of Singapore has the experience and skill to pull off this look for you with our top makeup artists.

  • Classic Elegance

Vintage makeup usually involves invoking timeless makeup looks such as long thick eyelashes, red lips, smokey eyes and big hair. We have the experience to make your dream vintage wedding come true.

Our wedding makeup artists follow a highly effective system where all brides should be allowed a stress free time to prepare for their special day. Vintage makeup takes some time to prepare and conceptualize because there are many vintage hair and makeup to choose from. Our artists will ask questions and take note during the consultation and trial stage to ensure that you get the look you want for your day.

Once our artists arrive, they are yours for your special day. You will be the center of our undivided attention. We will work to create a look that lasts throughout the day and night. We have full confidence in our work, but are still available in case you feel you need touchups throughout the day.

Our team only uses the best makeup brands and equipment to achieve the vintage makeup look. Our kit includes notable makeup names such as Nars, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Chanel and Giorgio Armani.

  • We Do Hair

Our stylists also have experience with creating the perfect vintage hairdo. Whether you want a big bun, bouffant, curls or a slick do our artists are capable of pairing the right hair and makeup.

The vintage look is a classic style that will remain popular throughout the ages. We aim to make sure that you can look back at your wedding memories with happiness and delight. We want you to be radiant and to feel special on this joyous occasion.

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