Wedding Day Makeup Artist

Wedding-Day-Makeup-ArtistWedding Day makeup artist

Your wedding day makeup artist is one of the most important people you need to engage for your big day. Your wedding has to be perfect, and that means taking control of as many factors as possible. Once you have locked down the venue of your choice, your dress and accessories, transport vehicle and so on, it is time to consider your choice of a makeup professional! With so many eyes on you, your makeup artist is definitely an important consideration to ensure the photographs and videos of you will not bring you embarrassment and regret in the years to come.

Qualified, experienced and professional

As the bride, you deserve to be in the capable hands of an expert. You’re asking someone to help you look your best and most radiant on the most important day of your life. Hence, it is vital that your wedding day makeup artist is someone you have every confidence in and feel comfortable with on your special day.

To feel that confidence and to be able to relax as you would like, you need to know that your artist is experienced, comfortably at ease and uses the best brands of makeup and brushes. Your bridal makeup consultant is someone who will add to the whole wedding experience. Imagine if your bridal makeup expert is sensitive to your individual preferences, skin type, best facial features and crucially, knows how much time it takes to get you ready so no one is under pressure before the ceremony. An artist who knows how to work with the changing tones of light between the ceremony and the reception will be able to give you the best look, no matter the type of lighting. All these will help you achieve the look you want on your magical day, in a most pleasant atmosphere, and of course in good time which relaxes you and all of your bridal party

Having someone help you in this way means hiring a qualified, experienced and professional wedding makeup artist. That will be someone who has consulted and discussed your needs well in advance of the big day, and understands your preferences and the look you are trying to achieve, in order to match your dress and wedding theme.

Privileged to serve you

All our wedding day makeup artists at Prestige Makeover are experienced, flexible, detailed and most of all, interested in helping you look your best for the most important day of your life.